Character Development, Part of Your World

Character Development 1 (WIP)


Name: Fiona Oliver

Age: Twenty

Gender: Female

Personality: She is quite anti-social and withdrawn, finding it hard to connect with those around her. She is usually very kind and sweet though. There are times when she can be aggressive, especially if she gets upset.

She tends to be quite energetic and hyper too. She is both child-like and childish depending on the situation. She is often very careful due to her clumsiness. She is usually accident prone either way.

Special Interests: Disney Princesses, Disney Junior & Radio Disney Junior, Disney movies and Disney Fairies

Likes: Disney channels, the ocean, dolls, stuffed toys, music boxes, snow globes, tiaras &; crowns, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid.

Dislikes: Loud noises, thunderstorms, birds, big dogs, unexpected touch, bright lights, long lines.

Disabilities: Fiona has an autism spectrum disorder, dyspraxia and hypotonia. She has handicap plates to park closer due to hypotonia, which makes it harder for her to stand or walk for long periods.

Mental Illnesses: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Things to know: She knows absolutely everything about Disney. She can talk nonstop about different topics related to it at the same time. She is prone to meltdowns/outbursts, which often vary depending on the situation. She carries around a stuffed Ariel plush and sleeps with it as well. She wears a chewelry necklace around her neck that often calms her down in stressful situations. She uses a push chair at Disney World to help limit her from standing or walking a lot since she fatigues easily due to muscle weakness and her multiple disabilities.